How Long Has it Been…?

Too long, obviously. Life just gets away from you sometimes, doesn’t it? Here are some photos of fire. I’ve never really photographed fire before, and its kind of a pain, to be honest, but really quite fun! And the high-contrast, moody fire photos are totally worth almost getting burnt. =P

Tell me what you think of them!



7 thoughts on “How Long Has it Been…?

  1. Beautiful photo set.
    I, especially, love the first photo.
    The fire looks like mountain. 🙂
    And I love the 3rd.
    The fire dancing. 😀
    The shape of fire are amazing.
    I’m able to imagine things from their shape.

  2. These would make for really awesome Window’s Backgrounds! Great to see you back at it Snapshooter! You’ve not only a good eye, but good imagination as well; comes in handy when you’ve shot just about everything there is. Eh? I always end up asking my dumb brain: ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Great job! Cheers!


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