I’ve probably had at least 3 posts under this title on here… Poppies are some of the hardest flowers to get good photos of, however, so I’m constantly trying to improve every time they’re in season. My latest endeavor was blessed with a thin cloud cover and a stray hose spray (love me some kitschy water droplets).

Worth the massive pile of dog poo I accidentally knelt in? Debatable. =)


Spring is Here!

And with it comse blossoms. Blossoms, I must admit, that were hard to get a good photo of. Super annoying. Either they were in direct sunlight, or the dusky light at evening wouldn’t lat long enough for me to get good shots. Buuuut, here are the ones that are better. Tell me which is your favorite!

Wishing it Would Rain

Such a dry year so far. I am not enjoying having no rain. So, here are some shots from the one time it did rain. Enjoy!

Also, sorry for not posting in such a long while. Classes, upcoming productions, unexpected computer problems… all seem to be getting in the way.  More posts soon, I hope.