A Word on Awards

Upon receiving my first blogging award on WordPress, when my blog was still just a little tyke, I was flattered, flustered, and most certainly very happy about it. I think I was just astounded someone had actually found my blog. 😉 I got a few more awards, but was too shy, or too weirded out maybe, to accept them fully. I appreciated the token, but I really wasn’t reading other blogs at that point, so I had no frame of reference for whom I should have passed the award on to.

However, as I began reading, and then following more blogs, I saw that they all got awards, too. I discovered that awards weren’t because someone liked your post especially, awards are just a way of spreading yourself under the guise of a token of appreciation for someone. I felt that I could never be genuine in award  giving, I would only be interested in the views, or followers it got me. So I just kept ignoring them. That was probably rude to the award-giver, but I didn’t know how to concisely say what I’m saying here in a “thank you, but no” comment.


So if you gave me an award in the past, a very big “thanks so much!” goes to you!


So then, it becomes clear that I do not, in fact, accept awards. Now, I really do like featuring other blogs on here. I just want to be genuine and creative about it. So if I’m inspired by a post, I’ll link back to them. Or maybe if I follow a new blog that I really like I’ll link ’em,too. I started a “Blogs I Follow” page so you all could see what I liked and what inspired me, and I started the {In One Word} challenge, which is all about creating a community of bloggers that can share each other’s work with their followers for inspiration and ideas. I encourage you to get creative with your blog sharing!


What do you think about awards? How do you respond to them??


5 thoughts on “A Word on Awards

  1. Same thought here, I even made a small banner for my footer that says “Award free zone”, I don’t like the obligatory thing about it. You have to nominate others, link back,…
    If I like a blog, I try to visit regularly, and say a couple of words, ‘like’ the things I really like and indeed start a blogroll.

  2. I totally agree with the first para; . I mean, whatever you’ve written is J U S T what I do with awards too. And that’s exactly the way I feel about being awarded by someone. I’ve received two or three awards so far,and all I did was thank the person who gave me the ward.

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