An Attempt at Art?

Leaf art. Maybe hipster, maybe really lame. I’m just experimenting. =P Tell me what you think, please! I’d love to hear your feedback so I know if you want to see more of this kinda stuff. =)

Click to enlarge and see it against black. It looks better IMO… 


Abstract-ish • Oct 10

10 days in already? Crazy. Here’s a simple abstract of power wires, overlaid in Photoshop… whaddya think? Want more “arty” stuff?


If you want a bigger version for a desktop display, just ask in the comments and I’ll try and post it. =)

7 Oct. • Photo-a-Day

Seems I said it was the fifth yesterday? What? Anyways, here’s the 7th installation of our photographic venture. I wanted to do something inorganic, with interesting colors and textures. I took the picture of this fence with the wrong white balance, and liked how it brought out the lines and knots and scratches. Sometimes mistakes are the best. =) What do you think?

IMG_5815 copy