{In One Word}

You’ve seen the posts every week or so. You know the drill. So why haven’t you joined??? 🙂 InOneWord Challenge is super fun, and maybe just a skosh challenging (hence the word “challenge” in the title. Killer, right? 😛 ). Plus if you join the exclusive group of people who post, you will, in all probability, be featured right here on this blog. Sound like a plan?

The challenge in and of itself is really quite simple. Just take a picture, and then think of one interesting, unique word that summarizes that photo for you. Better yet, think of that oh-so-amazing and incomparable word, and then take your breathtaking shot. Tag it InOneWord, and click that lovely lil’ blue publish button. For me, a typical IOW (In One Word) post is just me sifting through my photo library, until I find that one, that one photo that’s like, “You can’t think of a word for me, no matter how hard you try.” 

That means, war, of course.

So next I export said photo, then brainstorm. And brainstorm more. And train after train of thought becomes derailed until I finally give in and use a thesauraus. I rabbit trail. So I think of one word, that leads to the synonym for another, which leads to the synonym for another, and so on, until I finally I find a word that encompasses it all, that makes me envision the clouds drawn back like ornate curtains beneath the celestial proscenium of infinite space, with the sunlight of knowledge shining through… Acutally, that’s how I feel most times I try to come up with a title for a post… Hmmm… Maybe I have problems. 😉

So, your process may (should definitely!) be different than mine, but I think you have an idea of how to get started on your IOW journey. 🙂 As with all things in life, its just one big learning experience. So have fun with the challenge, adapt it to your idiosyncrasies, and, if it just doesn’t fit you, stop doing  it, for heaven’s sake!

One more thing: Try to make sure to feature someone else’s In One Word post every once in a while. I’m sure they’d really appreciate, and who doesn’t want another blog to check out?

Here are my humble {In One Word} offerings:


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