How Long Has it Been…?

Too long, obviously. Life just gets away from you sometimes, doesn’t it? Here are some photos of fire. I’ve never really photographed fire before, and its kind of a pain, to be honest, but really quite fun! And the high-contrast, moody fire photos are totally worth almost getting burnt. =P

Tell me what you think of them!



18 March: Putting Out the Flame…

An antique fire extinguisher. What interesting things one finds in their barn… 🙂


© 2013 Snapshooter



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12 March: Fire Hydrant Detail…

A retired fire hydrant that graces our yard…this is a detail from the lid, cap…uh, top-portion, if you will. (What are the tops of hydrants called?) I really like how, old and rusted up as it is, there is still this insane splash of green on the top. So cool. And, if you enjoy this, maybe I’ll post more after March, k? Not for your sakes, of course, I just got a few good photos of it, that’s all… 😉


© 2013 Snapshooter



Oh, BTdubbs, how on earth is it already the twelfth of March? Insane.