21 April • Another Random Night Post

And a question, just because I’m curious…what kind of music do you guys listen to and like? I’m really liking London Grammar right now…

Here’s the photo BTW, I didn’t forget. =)

© 2014 snapshootergeb.wordpess


14 thoughts on “21 April • Another Random Night Post

  1. Beautiful capture of color and texture! Hmm…I mostly find myself listening to classical (Chopin, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Vivaldi, Handel…) and a collection of (mostly indie/folk singer/songwriters: Josh Garrels, Andrew Peterson, Melanie Penn, Ben Shive, The Gray Havens, and others…

  2. When I saw this photo, I wanted a strawberry! Too bad I just don’t know when I’ll get one again…it has been at least a year if my memory serves me right. Nice Photography! As far as music goes, I am really into soundtracks, classical and film music in general. I am trying to warm up to Opera music but thus far, I’ve only found one piece that really captures my attention 🙂

    • No strawberries? Oh, no!! Why ever not? Classical music is great! Who’s your favorite at the moment? I’ve always loved Chopin (and Beethoven…) Any particular soundtrack you like? And what’s this magical piece of opera that has captured your attention? =)

      • Hello!

        I was just listening to a soundtrack today and I recalled that I never replied to this comment out of nowhere. Unfortunately, I just do not regularly have access to fresh strawberries.One of my favorite classical pieces at the moment is La Boheme by Puccini. They are very good too. Right now, I would have to say “Gravity” by Steven Price from the movie “Gravity”.is a favorite. The Opera is by Mozart: The Magic Flute :Queen of the Night Aria 🙂

      • Interesting… I haven’t heard too much of the Gravity soundtrack, I saw the movie, and it fit very well. =) And I’ll have to check out the aria, anything by Mozart is bound to be excellent!


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