Month in Review – October 2014

Here’s the entire month of October, all in one handy gallery. Let me know which is your favorite. =)


Halloween Cat and Last Day – 31 Oct.

Possibly spooky (?) edit of one of my cats… went for that cheesy old-school VHS horror-film glitchy look. Like it?


Thanks so, so much for sticking around this month and seeing what I had to offer. Making myself post everyday really helped get me back in the swing of things, and I should be posting more consistently now. Let me know if you enjoyed!

Fading into the Distance – 29 OCT

My favorite part of this photo is probably the parts not in focus, ironically enough. The orange and deep green bokeh in the creek bed below, as well as the bluish-green ivy at the bottom of the fence really stand out to me.


27 OCT – Lunch

Feeling a little down today, decided to treat myself to a sandwich. Pretty easy to make, only took an extra few minutes, and it was so worth it. =) Made it w/ chevré, wilted garlic spinach, avocado w/ mustard, smoked salmon, and a poached egg. (All of which we had on hand, strangely. I wonder how long its all been rotting in the fridge… =P )

I liked it so much you get two photos: