I’ve probably had at least 3 posts under this title on here… Poppies are some of the hardest flowers to get good photos of, however, so I’m constantly trying to improve every time they’re in season. My latest endeavor was blessed with a thin cloud cover and a stray hose spray (love me some kitschy water droplets).

Worth the massive pile of dog poo I accidentally knelt in? Debatable. =)


Droplets on Grass with Different Techniques

I got out yesterday and took a few minutes to photograph the droplets on the grass after the light, warm rain the night before. Those are pretty rare these days in California, so I was excited to get something different than just dry old nature. I experimented with a couple techniques, the first was traditional free-lensing, playing with different areas of focus. Those are numbers 1 and 6. Then I decided to get crazy: I turned my 35mm around, to get that super blurry/”artistic” macro style. Those are numbers 2 and 9. The rest are just taken normally. =) What do you think? Any technique your favorite?

I realize I have been absolutely horrid about posting these past couple months. I’m working on that. Maybe a Photo-a-Day in the near future? Would you be interested? Let me know in the comments! =)