{In One Word} Stillicide

The crystalline crown stands apart from the rest of the muddled, frenzied world. He’s only there for a split-second, but he makes an impact and a scene in that frightening deluge, make no mistake about it.


© 2013 snapshootergeb.wordpress.com


This is an {In One Word} post!! That means that you, dear viewers, should most definitely join in, okay? =) Just find a photo, add a word, and post it under the tag InOneWord and I and some others will probably come by and check it out. Just to make sure we do, however, leave me a comment on this post with a link to your post so nothing gets overlooked!!

Did I mention I’ll feature you on my One Worders page?? Yeah. Bonus. Visit that here, or check out my past IOW posts here.



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