Love in the Mist

Usually, around this time of year, there’s a bunch of photos of the hundreds of love in the mist that invade our yard. However, they were really short lived this season. So sad. Only got a few photos. Enjoy them! =)

© 2014 snapshootergeb.wordpess© 2014 snapshootergeb.wordpess © 2014 snapshootergeb.wordpess

7 thoughts on “Love in the Mist

  1. Lovely photos, they’re such pretty flowers. I wonder why they’re short lived this year. I’ve only had ‘love in the mist’ recently; we stopped mowing part of our lawn last year and one popped up, now we have a bunch of them 🙂 Only two have bloomed so far but I hope to get some photos of them.


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