Garrod Farms

Just yesterday, some friends and I went to Garrod Farms, in Saratoga, for a guided trail ride in the hills of the South Bay. We got to our appointment early, so I took that opportunity to shoot (as in take pictures of, not riddle with bullet holes) some of the lovely antique things they had around.




And the barns! There were so many of them.


This is the horse I rode. His name is Scotch. 🙂 (BTW, its super hard to get a full body picture of a horse while you’re riding it. Ha.)


And they had some very cool flowers…



Then we “explored” the surrounding area.



Tally-ho, fellow bloggers. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Garrod Farms

  1. Your photos are amazing! Like Dakino, I ride at Garrod Farms. I saw the picture of Scotch’s eye, and began thinking “Is that Travis next to him?” But I love the pictures of the flowers!

  2. Hello!
    I love your photos! I ride at Garrod Farms and Scotch was one of my favorite horses. Garrod Farms’ flowers are interesting. They always have flowers year-round! I love the one with the stream! I never knew they had a stream. 🙂

    • Dakino! That is so awesome! Scotch was beautiful, but boy did he have an attitude! Oh, BTW, the stream was actually at a county park nearby…sorry if I didn’t make that clear. 🙂

      • Scotch does have a little attitude with a few things. I remember in my horse show, he was really confused and kept stopping and turning to the rail and trying to get out 😉 That’s fine, lessons don’t really go out on trails.


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