(Somewhat) Total Randomness…

Soooo…here are some random photographs for ya’ll today. 🙂


The texture and color of this really spoke to me.





A cool wall in my barn.



Hope you liked them! And, of course, I don’t mean that in a “I hope you scroll down a little farther and click the ‘Like’ button” kind of way, just in a general sort of “I hope you found pleasure in viewing these photographs” way. 🙂 And really, if I had to ask you to like my post, that would just be really pitiful…ya’ know?


(Of course, now I’ll feel completely confused about any likes I get, because I’ll be wondering “Are they really liking it, or are they just doing that because I said something about it, or…?”) And now you’re thinking “Could he please just post the photos and shut up?!




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