A Game of Contrasts…

Here we have some anomaliacal (Did I just make up a new word?) photographs. These are  some of the pictures I simply couldn’t categorize. I couldn’t randomly fit them into another post, or even squeeze them in as a header picture, which means they have no home. So, here I have created a little place for them, and, as you can see, I’ve found an obscure way to tie them all together: contrasts. 🙂






This was an experiment to take something everyday, like my living room, and turn it into a composed photograph. Nothing exciting…




8 thoughts on “A Game of Contrasts…

  1. the first picture is beautiful. it would make a great piece of wall art.

    your pictures have a very intriguing quality to them. you crop them in such a way that makes me want to see more.

    also, thank you for taking a look at my blog recently!


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