March the 20th: The First Day of Spring

Even though, where I live, its been acting like spring for like, a month now…much to my disappointment and utter dismay.

And with spring, comes a very welcome sign: my first 100 followers! I’d just like to take a few moments (you’ll probably read this much faster than that…sheesh, people, its a figure of speech…) to thank you all so very, very much for your comments and frequent visits. It means so much to me. 🙂

Okay. With that lovely little bit of sappy commentary out of the way, its time to move on to the real reason (I’m assuming…maybe you just like my blog theme…) that you’re here: the photograph!

© 2013 Snapshooter

PS A funny little thing (ya’ know, FLT’s?)…that ancient “For Sale” sign, in the lower right hand corner, has the company name “Exclusively Yours.” That’s good right? I mean, do normal realty firms sell properties to multiple buyers, and then randomly choose the one they give it to? I guess that would be a convenient way to rake in some extra cash… 🙂

March 18: Tulip

© 2013 Snapshooter

As you can (probably, unless you’re blind*) see, the sun has finally come out, and the moist earth is warming itself in its golden rays…here I capitalized on that warmth with this brilliantly red tulip.


* In which case, absolutely no offense was intended in that comment… 🙂

March 13: Rain.

Need I say more? I could go on forever about how much I love rain. But that, I’m afraid, would lead to a myriad of repetitive sentences, with too many commas, and just buckets of overly-descriptive adjectives, which, while fun for me to write, may be boring for you to read. (See? I’m using to many commas already!) So I’ll post some pictures instead…

© 2013 Snapshooter

The rough, and highly-textured, scalloped edge of a bird-bath.

© 2013 Snapshooter

Portrait of a flower…

© 2013 Snapshooter

A snail that I almost stepped on…I was trying to quickly get a ‘graph of him when I laughed and realized that if I couldn’t get a photo of him fast enough, that would be really lame.

Have a jolly rest-of-this-Tuesday…

A Game of Contrasts…

Here we have some anomaliacal (Did I just make up a new word?) photographs. These are  some of the pictures I simply couldn’t categorize. I couldn’t randomly fit them into another post, or even squeeze them in as a header picture, which means they have no home. So, here I have created a little place for them, and, as you can see, I’ve found an obscure way to tie them all together: contrasts. 🙂






This was an experiment to take something everyday, like my living room, and turn it into a composed photograph. Nothing exciting…