In Which is Discovered Three Vintage Suitcases…

And what invariably follows, as with all of my blog post titles, is photographs. In this case the ‘graphs are of some handsome luggage from days gone by, which I started out just snapping, and after like, 20 minutes realized I had over a hundred photos of. Oops. 🙂 So here is a sampling of this shoot:














Such great details…and textures. Hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I did photographing them!



A Flawless Poppy

A camera can not even come close to capturing the beauty of this perfect blossom, this ray of brightness in my yard. The best I can do is try to present it to you in a way that would respect its natural beauty, without editing it up the wazoo.



And here are some photographs of a few other flowers…










Thanks for stopping by, people. 🙂



Don’t You Hate It When….

You can’t think of a title for your blog post to save your life? I could sit here for hours, just staring at my computer screen, blinking mildly as I foolishly wait for inspiration to arrive (he’s usually late….). Eventually, my only option is to tell you all of my predicament, and to skimp out on even a remotely interesting or clever title. So, without any more of my muddled ado, here’re some photos from another walk I took around my yard. 🙂








Good Sunday….