Halloween Cat and Last Day – 31 Oct.

Possibly spooky (?) edit of one of my cats… went for that cheesy old-school VHS horror-film glitchy look. Like it?


Thanks so, so much for sticking around this month and seeing what I had to offer. Making myself post everyday really helped get me back in the swing of things, and I should be posting more consistently now. Let me know if you enjoyed!


A Spider, Its Typical…

…But its Halloween, and its not exactly the cutting-edge of holiday innovation, is it? That’s not the point. The point is to pretend everything is somehow scarier even though maybe you outgrew that years ago, and then eat away your feelings of lost childhood magic and wonder by shoving the cheapest candy you can find down your throat as fast as you can. Am I right? =)

If you have a specifically Halloween-themed photo post, then send me the link in a comment, I’d love to see what you all get up to!

This is a spider that lives on my window. I have called him Felix.

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Well, this looks like the end of October, blog friends! Its time to start a new month: November! You probably already saw this in one of my last posts, but I’m doing photo-a-day, so I’d really love to see you all there. I could use all the feedback possible, and you guys are just the best when it comes to commenting, so thanks for that! =)