7 March: One Week In!!

And this silly tree is still hanging on to the idea that its fall… When will he realize that winter’s come and gone, and spring is knocking at the door?


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The midday cloud cover gave some interesting lighting… See ya’ tomorrow, I hope! 🙂

6 March: A Walk Down the Street…

…And I just happened to run into this tree, which was very uncomfortable for both. I got leaves and the lovely, delicate blossoms all over my clothes, and the poor tree got an overly ample amount of photo time…


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See you tomorrow? 😉

5 March: Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Did you know they’re not actually babushka dolls? I didn’t ’til I looked on Wikipedia, but still, my whole life appears to be lie now… ;P

Here they are, basking in the midmorning sun, happy to be out of the house for once. 🙂


© 2013 Snapshooter


Their vacuous eyes are a leeeetle creepy, and the smallest one just looks plain mad. 🙂

A Shot That May Have Been Deleted…

But wasn’t! I overexposed this shot of a little daisy but I didn’t delete it and even chose it over some of the more conventional photos that I also took today. As you can see, its really bright, but I made it a kind of ethereal overexposation (I love making up words!) and I really like the way it turned out. I hope you do, too. 🙂


© 2013 Snapshooter

Good Morning, March the First!

And good morning (or afternoon, or night, or whenever you happen to see this), readers! I’m so glad you are here to witness this, the first day of photo-a-day March 2013. And what better way to kick off the proverbial morning of a month than with some dew drops, glistening in the light of early day? (That was rhetorical, of course, because obviously there’s a lot of better stuff it could be…oh, well. 😉 )


© 2013 Snapshooter


One day down, thirty to go…

Introducing Something Very Familiar!

Yes, indeed, readers, get ready for Photo-a-Day March 2013! You may remember this from 2012, and I think that went pretty well, so here we go again! 🙂


I’ll post every day during the entire month of March, and just to make sure I keep my word, you guys have to be here every day, too!


PLUS: I reposted some of the photos that disappeared from my blog during the month of March, so you can go over to my archives on the right and see all the posts… Also I have a rather cool new page with all the photos from last March, so be sure to check that out in the upper right corner, next to my About page, k? 😉


Aaaaaaand, of course, since this is a photo blog, here’s a superfluous, but requisite ‘graph. Enjoy, and I’ll see you on the first…

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