Blossom in the Sunset…

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…And more signs that spring is coming along quickly, like daffodils!

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More blossoms…just tell me if you’re bored, k? 🙂

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Incredible Chocolate Mousse…

Some very interesting mousse I made with that leftover seized chocolate from yesterday. Its a scientific mousse, as it only has bittersweet chocolate, water, and sugar (!).


Wait a second, did I just say chocolate and water? That’s what made my chocolate seize in the first place! But alas, I did. And it worked — incredibly well. It’s rich and smooth, and forms up rather nicely…


Here’re two platings I shot (since, after all, this is a photography blog 😉 ) :

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Here’s the link to the recipe: Cafe Fernando


Aaaand here’s to using leftovers and failed recipes! Cheers!

The Day After Rain…

Okay, well, maybe a couple days after it rained…but the yard still had that “after rain” glow and effervescence. Here’s a few ‘graphs that spoke to me… 🙂

I was playing around with a macro filter and thought this 3D-ish effect on the berries was kinda’ cool:

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IMG_3197 - Version 2