Spring is Here!

And with it comse blossoms. Blossoms, I must admit, that were hard to get a good photo of. Super annoying. Either they were in direct sunlight, or the dusky light at evening wouldn’t lat long enough for me to get good shots. Buuuut, here are the ones that are better. Tell me which is your favorite!


Spectacular Dusk

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I noticed that some of the clouds outside were quite interesting. I took a few snapshots of them:






And then, dusk fell. It was breathtaking. Just amazing, amazing, how the sky, that boring old blue thing, can turn into this:



A symphony of vivid hues, from the clouds near the bottom, like fire in the distance, to the wispy ones near the middle, little streamers of flaming pink in the sky…



“A setting sun still whispers a promise for tomorrow.”

~ Jeb Dickerson