Dream Week | Four

A muddled thought, a dark remembrance…


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Dream Week | Three

The late-afternoon sun, eclipsed by cloudy memory…


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Follow Your Nose


What Is it?!?


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Dream Week | One

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A week of dream-captures…things that one might see in an hallucination, or just waking from a reverie…


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Dreaming Again…

I love playing with the late afternoon light. It has so much to offer. 🙂


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Its so refreshing to get away from the more “conventional” aspects of photography. I love playing around with the settings on my camera, shooting directly into the sun (oops!), using uncomfortable and maybe unflattering angles, and just shooting randomness, which may turn out to be the crappiest photo I’ve ever created, but hey, at least its different, and creative. And that’s what the craft is all about, right? Thoughts?