Shots from My Life

This past semester, life got to the point where shooting photos for work, let alone for personal enjoyment, let alone for posting on this blog, became an afterthought, a idealistic goal that was quickly squelched by life. I’m not saying this year will be any different, and I’m not making any promises, but I am saying that I’m going to try a little harder. Which, in retrospect, doesn’t mean very much when taking last year’s posting schedule into consideration. 😉

All that said, I’ve put together a gallery of some shots I took this autumn/winter; lots of my cat Willow are of course included. Enjoy:


Halloween Cat and Last Day – 31 Oct.

Possibly spooky (?) edit of one of my cats… went for that cheesy old-school VHS horror-film glitchy look. Like it?


Thanks so, so much for sticking around this month and seeing what I had to offer. Making myself post everyday really helped get me back in the swing of things, and I should be posting more consistently now. Let me know if you enjoyed!

Cat and Apologies

Hey!! I haven’t been posting all that frequently recently. Sorry, life has been super crazy =(. I have like 250 photos in my camera right now, just waiting to be “developed.” I’ll get around to it soon, I promise. =)

Thanks for being awesome! And here’s a photo of Willow, our “special” cat… =P

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