Just a Quick Sip…

Remember the Narnia books? And how it seems they were always drinking that frothy hot chocolate? Well, I made some and its shamazing!

I don’t really have a recipe or anything…just beat your regular recipe with a whisk for a while… =P

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5 March: Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Did you know they’re not actually babushka dolls? I didn’t ’til I looked on Wikipedia, but still, my whole life appears to be lie now… ;P

Here they are, basking in the midmorning sun, happy to be out of the house for once. 🙂


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Their vacuous eyes are a leeeetle creepy, and the smallest one just looks plain mad. 🙂

High Tea for a Sunday Afternoon….

High tea is great, and super tasty….here’s a sampling of what I made for this week’s:

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches…

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Deviled Egg with Paprika…


The scone was a White Chocolate Lemon Scone with Whipped Cream and a Strawberry/Cranberry conserve….kind of a bare presentation, eh? 😉


And a tangy Cranberry Sparkling Mocktail…sounds delish, right?

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What are some of your favorites dishes for an afternoon tea? (And saying “the teacups” or something like that doesn’t count! 😉 )

The Day After Rain…

Okay, well, maybe a couple days after it rained…but the yard still had that “after rain” glow and effervescence. Here’s a few ‘graphs that spoke to me… 🙂

I was playing around with a macro filter and thought this 3D-ish effect on the berries was kinda’ cool:

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IMG_3197 - Version 2