Willow in LoCo B+W

A LoCo (low-contrast) experimentation with the evil little kitten… Makes her look so soft….


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{In One Word} Gossamer

What would the world look like if it was seen through one shimmery, ethereal filter?


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Guess what this is! Its an {In One Word} post! So that means you should be joining in, right? 😀 Here’s the deal: once a week post a photo that can be summarized (that is summarized, for you) in just one word. Tag it InOneWord, and me and some others that do this tag will come by and check it out, k?


Something new! Starting TODAY I am going to feature one blog’s In One Word post on mine! Without further ado:


{In.One.Word | Chosen}    by   {quirky artist}


Really like this blog, and its not just because this extremely quirky artist is one of my photography friends. She has some great photos. Check out some more of her stuff; you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

New Theme and an Old Cat

Well, he isn’t that old… BUT! The theme is quite new! Who else thought Snapshooter needed a change? I am using Zoren now, one of WP’s newest themes, and its really quite good.

What do you all think of it? After all, you’re the ones who read it, follow it, have to look at it whenever you stop in. So feedback would be great! 🙂


Anyhoo, back to that cat…


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Very alert looking lil’ guy, eh? 🙂



{In One Word} Indistinct

Vison of a blurry remembrance, a half-forgotten thought…


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This is an {In One Word} post, so you should join in! Find a word that describes your photo, or the feeling of your photo, and tag it InOneWord and I and a few others who are doing this will try to come by to see your awesome work. 🙂 ALSO, I will feature you in next week’s {In One Word} post!


Our newest addition to the tag: Daily Art Enrichment (she has a few IOW posts, so look around a bit, she has some great stuff. 🙂 )