Animals, Animals, Animals…

A trip to the zoo…It was one of those unfortunate days when you turn on your camera, snap a few snaps, and then it dies. 😦 Darn battery. I still got some okay ones, though…












One last thing, “Contact Yard”? Anyone remember when it was called a petting zoo? 🙂

In Which is Discovered Three Vintage Suitcases…

And what invariably follows, as with all of my blog post titles, is photographs. In this case the ‘graphs are of some handsome luggage from days gone by, which I started out just snapping, and after like, 20 minutes realized I had over a hundred photos of. Oops. 🙂 So here is a sampling of this shoot:














Such great details…and textures. Hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I did photographing them!



Augh! The Leaves are Turning Already!

See? These leaves are already getting that burnt-red autumn goodness to them…which would be great except for that whole “September just started” thing. Summer’s gone so fast… 😐




Some other “end of summer” photos, just to set the tone for the cooler months ahead…enjoy 🙂













A Day at the Lake

Its so weird not putting a date before each of my blog titles….oh, well. Happy September!


Here’s a few shots from a little outing we had at a lake near us…



The three layers (underwater, water, shore) are very cool, in my humble opinion…. 🙂