27 OCT – Lunch

Feeling a little down today, decided to treat myself to a sandwich. Pretty easy to make, only took an extra few minutes, and it was so worth it. =) Made it w/ chevré, wilted garlic spinach, avocado w/ mustard, smoked salmon, and a poached egg. (All of which we had on hand, strangely. I wonder how long its all been rotting in the fridge… =P )

I liked it so much you get two photos:



Photographing Dessert

Made something a little special the other day… thought I’d share. =) Its a strawberry/white balsamic ice cream with strawberry sauce and whipped cream. And that darned whipped cream wouldn’t stop slipping off the sauce… oh, well. What do you think?

High Tea for a Sunday Afternoon….

High tea is great, and super tasty….here’s a sampling of what I made for this week’s:

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches…

© 2013 Snapshooter

Deviled Egg with Paprika…


The scone was a White Chocolate Lemon Scone with Whipped Cream and a Strawberry/Cranberry conserve….kind of a bare presentation, eh? 😉


And a tangy Cranberry Sparkling Mocktail…sounds delish, right?

© 2013 Snapshooter



What are some of your favorites dishes for an afternoon tea? (And saying “the teacups” or something like that doesn’t count! 😉 )

Incredible Chocolate Mousse…

Some very interesting mousse I made with that leftover seized chocolate from yesterday. Its a scientific mousse, as it only has bittersweet chocolate, water, and sugar (!).


Wait a second, did I just say chocolate and water? That’s what made my chocolate seize in the first place! But alas, I did. And it worked — incredibly well. It’s rich and smooth, and forms up rather nicely…


Here’re two platings I shot (since, after all, this is a photography blog 😉 ) :

© 2013 Snapshooter



Here’s the link to the recipe: Cafe Fernando


Aaaand here’s to using leftovers and failed recipes! Cheers!

Valentine’s Treats (and Some Annoying Chocolate…)

Some sort of Valentine’s Day inspired snacks I made…enjoy…


Chocolate-Dipped, Pistachio-Rolled Strawberries




Chocolate Strawberry Balsamic Coconut Frozen Custard (quite the mouthful, eh? *wink*)

© 2013 Snapshooter


Aaand, the incredibly annoying chocolate, which seized twice. Erg. I guess I’ll be baking a lot with chocolate from now on. 😛




Happy Valentine’s Day, folks…

Vegan Coconut Almond Ice Cream.

I, for one, am an ice cream purist. No half-fat stuff. Whole milk ice cream is all I need. Its awesome. I’m positive it was created on the eighth day. I mean, its that good!




I live in a family with a pescatarian person, a no-gluten/no-dairy/no-sugar person, and some no peanuts, peaches, and/or green bell peppers people. And, as an “aspiring” chef, it gets hard to make stuff that tastes good, and is allergen-free. This recipe, however, I find to be absolutely AMAZING. I made this just the other night. Its still rich and creamy, but with NO meat, dairy, sugar, gluten, peanuts, peaches, and/or green bell peppers. 🙂


Coconut Almond Ice Cream


Makes: Ten 1/2 cup servings

2 cups whole coconut milk

1 cup light coconut milk

3/4 cups maple syrup (the real stuff)

1 good teaspoon almond extract


Place ingredients in a medium mixing bowl and combine until well blended. Pour into freezer bowl.



Turn the machine on and let mix until it thickens, about 20-25 minutes. A note: I use the Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker. If yours is different, I would just go by that manufacturer’s instructions.



If desired, transfer ice cream to airtight container and place in freezer until firm. About 2 hours.


Confession: I didn’t wait. 🙂



Bon appetit!