Photo-a-Day • Day the Second

This shot really feels a little surreal to me. When I took it, the wind was rocking these flowers, and as I was doing a semi-macro shot, it was getting blurry. The effect is one of motion, and I feel as if the flowers are almost still swaying in the wind… Maybe that’s just an excuse for a blurry photo. 😛

IMG_55352 copy

Photo-a-Day October 2014 • 1

Hey there! Its time for photo-a-day! You know the drill; one photo, every day. I was looking back on my blog the past few months and there’s been what, 7 posts? Sad. So, to motivate myself to post more often, I am starting this. I hope you come by every day (or just every once in a while) and check out what’s going down. Enjoy! =)

Photo the first –

IMG_55475 copy

Droplets on Grass with Different Techniques

I got out yesterday and took a few minutes to photograph the droplets on the grass after the light, warm rain the night before. Those are pretty rare these days in California, so I was excited to get something different than just dry old nature. I experimented with a couple techniques, the first was traditional free-lensing, playing with different areas of focus. Those are numbers 1 and 6. Then I decided to get crazy: I turned my 35mm around, to get that super blurry/”artistic” macro style. Those are numbers 2 and 9. The rest are just taken normally. =) What do you think? Any technique your favorite?

I realize I have been absolutely horrid about posting these past couple months. I’m working on that. Maybe a Photo-a-Day in the near future? Would you be interested? Let me know in the comments! =)