11 thoughts on “Morning Glory Three Ways

  1. My favorite is the dark purple speaker facing the sun! Got any rap? I kind of like the last one too because it so much reminds me of Spring I guess… New life and all. How did you get so low to the ground for the first one? Great all round job! Cheers!

    • Ha. It does look like a speaker! I don’t much go in for rap. You? The vine is growing on a wire fence, so it was high enough for me get easily enough. Just a lot of awkward crouching and losing my balance… =P

      • I like the stuff that tells a story or makes a point. It’s my chance to have a living black person talk at me. Look. Generally, each skin color sticks to it’s own, and we say we’re not prejudiced. BTW, would you like to purchase some beautiful swamp land in Florida? LOL!


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