7 Oct. • Photo-a-Day

Seems I said it was the fifth yesterday? What? Anyways, here’s the 7th installation of our photographic venture. I wanted to do something inorganic, with interesting colors and textures. I took the picture of this fence with the wrong white balance, and liked how it brought out the lines and knots and scratches. Sometimes mistakes are the best. =) What do you think?

IMG_5815 copy


2 thoughts on “7 Oct. • Photo-a-Day

  1. Hey Grant! this is Emilia, I like the photo it is a different side of something commonplace like wood (and it is blue!), but it almost seems plain if there had been a flower or something peeking into the photo could have looked cool. (since I know where this is I don’t think there are flowers nearby). Besides that I really like it!


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