Photo-a-Day April 2014 • Day 2

Welcome to the official beginning of PaD April!! I’m excited to see where we go this month…and guess what? I’d love it if you came along too! Use the tag AprilEveryDay so everyone who participates can see what everyone else is doing this month. Sound good? =)

Here’s two photos for today, since I used yesterday’s post to review March!

Reflection of the sky in the back of a pickup after the rain…I like reflections!!

© 2014 snapshootergeb.wordpess

Aaaaaand, the requisite grumpy cat:

© 2014 snapshootergeb.wordpess


Tell me what you think! I love to hear your feedback! Bye. =)

10 thoughts on “Photo-a-Day April 2014 • Day 2

  1. hey, I was planning to take up a month’s photo-a-day in Mach itself, but was able to commence it only this month…! Can it be called Coincidence! I like your photos 😀


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