Looking Back: January in Review

January was such an interesting month photographically. I got out a lot more so you got just a bit more than my backyard. =)

What’s your favorite photo?


Thanks for being awesome, readers!

22 thoughts on “Looking Back: January in Review

  1. I really like the top photo ( with the orange/red/brown tints) but I do reallly like the black and white tree ones too. Great photos as usual 🙂

  2. I like them all. But some more than others. I like the first with the subtle color. I like the moss and the ferns. I am a big fan of displaced trees and love water reflections. Great shots!!

  3. They are all my favourites Snap. Each and every one of them. I so love seeing your beautiful photo’s and I may not always comment but know that every like counts as a compliment. 😀


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