November the 28th • Gratitude

From our walk by the lake before Thanksgiving dinner…

© 2013


Before I go eat *even more* pumpkin pie, I want to take a moment to say a sincere thanks to all of my dedicated viewers and followers. I really appreciate your support and feedback. If it wasn’t for all of you, I would have never been encouraged or motivated enough to move ahead in my pursuit of photographic excellence (which, I assure you, I do not believe I have even remotely come close to. Baby steps =P ). You are the reason I keep shooting snaps. =)

Anyways, sentimentalism aside, thank you very, and sincerely much!!

8 thoughts on “November the 28th • Gratitude

  1. I don’t take the same kind of pictures as you, but I recognize your creativity and great sensitivity for photography. You should not stop sharing your photos with us. Congratulations for your work.
    “Which of my photographs is my favorite photograph? One that I will do tomorrow. ” Imogen Cunningham.


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