22 November • Paramount

We exit as we entered, a tree in the fading sun…

© 2013 snapshootergeb.wordpress.com

Thus concluding a work-week of the para-theme. Did you all like it? Let me know in the comments if you did! I really value your feedback. =)

17 thoughts on “22 November • Paramount

      • It all depends on your price range. If you’re on a budget, there’s plenty of good entry-level cameras out there. If you want a good one to take some time to learn on, you could make an investment in maybe like a Canon 6D? I don’t really know all that much about upper-price-range options. I’m cheap. =)

        I have a relatively inexpensive dSLR, a Canon Rebel T3i, which was about $850 with two kit lenses when I bought it.

        I think its a good beginner camera, as its not too easy to learn the controls. If you are used to point-and-shoot Nikons, I don’t think the transition should be that hard, as that’s what I started out with originally.

        Hope this helps!


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