15 November • Antique Spices and .5 Through!

So, have you ever just surfed the antique tag here on WP? Its pretty cool. I was inspired by that to photograph these antique spice tins sitting on display in our kitchen.


© 2013 snapshootergeb.wordpress.com



Do you have any antiques in your house? Any interesting enough to photograph and share? If so, post them, please! Leave me a comment w/ a link so I can see your fantastic work!

7 thoughts on “15 November • Antique Spices and .5 Through!

    • Thanks, Lynnae! Glad you like that! I love how different people discover different things to like in a photo, I think it really helps my appreciation of other’s work, as I begin to notice more stuff like that…

  1. Does my 90 year old mom count? 🙂

    We do have some antiques … some got thown out recently — there were cans and bottles of cleaners in the laundry room cupboard that are from when I was a kid in the 1960s! My mom doesn’t like to throw things out, but, we finally convinced her that the stuff was no longer useful, so they went to the local household chemical roundup.

    Like your image of the spice containers …

    • Of course she does! =P

      Our house is full of vintage things, though probably not cleaners from the 60’s, but who knows…?
      It can be hard to get rid of old things, especially when there is an emotional connection with it, or to a period of life it represents…
      Alas, we have to move on, right? Thanks so much for taking time to comment, John, I appreciate it. =)


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