1 November • Photo-a-Day Starts Now!

Hello wonderful followers, and/or first time readers (You’re wonderful too! =) )!

Welcome to Photo-a-Day November, where I post a photo every day, and hopefully you come by and check it out every day! Here’s the first installment of this month!


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I was taking photos of some other leaf for a bit, and was just downright displeased with how they were turning out. I finally just gave up and was like, “one of these must work…”

And then I saw it, sitting on the edge of a patch of sunlight streaming through the bays: purple. I was immediately interested as it really stood out against the orange and green. I got down on the grass, in that awkward fetal position photographers understand so well… and clicked just a few shots. So happy I didn’t just give up with that mediocre photo.


If you enjoyed, let me know in the comments below! =)



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