{In One Word} 1.8

While this word maybe isn’t the most wordy of words (I mean, let’s get real, its a number) it does represent my absolute favorite number when it comes to apertures; because sometimes, blur is best. 🙂


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9 thoughts on “{In One Word} 1.8

  1. Isn’t 1.8 with the 50mm SOOOO lovely?!
    I’m getting the 85mm next, but I am having an inner debate. Should I save up to get the Macbook pro I need or order 85mm prime lens that I can afford and use it for all the senior sessions I’m about to shoot. decisions, decision, haha!
    You have an 85mm Minolta, right?

      • I am tired of having a pc that crashes when I am in the middle of editing a photo, so I am SOO ready to invest in an Apple laptop, haha.
        sowwwwy 😦
        You own a Minolta lens though, don’t you?
        To speak of something other than your shortcomings, I love your new Etsy shop!

      • We have the MB Pro, and its awesome. 🙂

        I own two Minolta lenses, the 28mm and the 50mm. They are kinda hard to use though, as the focusing is controlled by the mirror in the Minolta body… I really should use them more though, they’re pretty sweet.

        How much do 85mm go for now? Are you thinking Canon or off-brand?

        I’m excited about my Etsy shop! I think I’ll be designing lots more products these next few weeks. Yay!

      • Yeah, those are hard, but the photos are SO worth it!
        haha, well depends on whether you want the nice one or not 😉
        The cheap Canon one is around $450 & the nice one is $1,800, haha.
        So far, I have been collecting Canon lens, but I might try Sigma or Minolta.

        Guess which one I am getting next? 😛

        I’m looking forward to seeing more!


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