New Theme and an Old Cat

Well, he isn’t that old… BUT! The theme is quite new! Who else thought Snapshooter needed a change? I am using Zoren now, one of WP’s newest themes, and its really quite good.

What do you all think of it? After all, you’re the ones who read it, follow it, have to look at it whenever you stop in. So feedback would be great! 🙂


Anyhoo, back to that cat…


© 2013


Very alert looking lil’ guy, eh? 🙂




17 thoughts on “New Theme and an Old Cat

  1. I was having serious theme envy when I saw your blog yesterday, but I was afraid to comment on its newness, in case I was behind the times, and simply hadn’t noticed it 😉 Is the background yours or was it the default? (because I seriously adore it)


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