B+W Just Because

A pretty awesome chandelier…


© 2013 Snapshooter


5 thoughts on “B+W Just Because

  1. noooooo, you did the unimaginable… You posted a picture for Marilla’s chandelier board on pinterest. WHYYY are you fueling the fire?!
    (Yes, I do have an entire board devoted to chandeliers :P)

    • Muhahahahahahahaaaaaugh!!! My evil plan has finally come to fruition! Now, go and drown in your classy sea of oh-so-pinnable chandeliers!! Muhaha!

      {a note: I’m super tired, wedding planning and all…could you tell?}

      • I could have guessed 😛 Your chandelier seemed rather depressed! One more day! …then, all the cleanup 😉
        (Now, who’s the one laughing?!)


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