7 thoughts on “Morning Glory

  1. So beautiful 🙂 Sorry for being so far behind on your posts, I have over 300 blogs to go through and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! HAHA! That’s what I get for taking a week off 😛 I can’t wait to see more of your posts!

  2. You captured the wandering, fairy-like aspect of the morning glory so well with the angle and lighting. The combination of the wild tentacles and the purity of the blossom together are so mysterious. One can’t help but imagine some delicate and dreamlike creature nestled in the middle of the flower. 🙂 (can you tell that I adore morning glories?)

      • Yeah haha that’s exactly what I had in mind ;P you should post more! 😀 I’m loving the new photos btw! Keep up the awesome wooork!


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