Introducing Something Very Familiar!

Yes, indeed, readers, get ready for Photo-a-Day March 2013! You may remember this from 2012, and I think that went pretty well, so here we go again! 🙂


I’ll post every day during the entire month of March, and just to make sure I keep my word, you guys have to be here every day, too!


PLUS: I reposted some of the photos that disappeared from my blog during the month of March, so you can go over to my archives on the right and see all the posts… Also I have a rather cool new page with all the photos from last March, so be sure to check that out in the upper right corner, next to my About page, k? 😉


Aaaaaaand, of course, since this is a photo blog, here’s a superfluous, but requisite ‘graph. Enjoy, and I’ll see you on the first…

© 2013 Snapshooter


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