28 August: The Many Expressions of a Stuffed “Animal”

First of all, they’re not both animals. One’s an egg (hence the quotation marks in the title). Secondly, they’re not mine. 😉


Okay, so today’s post is actually going to have 3 photos. Tsk tsk…..but seriously, its worth breaking the “rules” to show you these hilarious expressions.


Introducing…….(drumroll please) Chickie and Humpty (said egg)!



Chickie (on the left) seems a wee bit peeved, no? Humpty’s a bit more laid-back, but definitely bored. Here’re some singles:




Yup, definitely bored. He’s like one of those 19th century photographs where everyone looks so bored with this whole “picture” thing…




Here’s Chickie with her all out “I’m in a bad mood, no touchy.” face. Its surprising, because normally she would have a pleasant, if not slightly blank, expression on her face. But today, I guess i just caught her at a bad time. Perhaps she didn’t like being dragged out of bed…oops. 🙂


What do you think they’re thinking?

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