3 August: On the Wings of a…Dragonfly?

Yup. Isn’t he incredible? The detail in those wings is insane. Of course, my cat (quite prone to his natural instincts, unfortunately for said dragonfly… ) killed him. But he was pretty much undamaged physically, so I decided to go ahead and ‘graph him anyhow…




15 thoughts on “3 August: On the Wings of a…Dragonfly?

  1. Well, I was going to thank you for visting my blog…then I realized that I was visiting someone who visited my blog and got attracted to your ‘like’ there and the name Snapshooter..and had to see. LOL! So, I guess our community of bloggers becomes a bit of a sticky web difficult to extricate oneself from….but like ‘memory lane’…..its a nice place to get lost in for awhile. Glad to meet you!

    I do love this dragonfly picture and perhaps its demise at least serves to let us admire its delicacy of form and structure with its little gossamer windows. The geometry of the wings and the wood grain is wonderful and also the color tones are so refined and pleasing. Just really exquisite!! I love it!!


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