Don’t You Hate It When….

You can’t think of a title for your blog post to save your life? I could sit here for hours, just staring at my computer screen, blinking mildly as I foolishly wait for inspiration to arrive (he’s usually late….). Eventually, my only option is to tell you all of my predicament, and to skimp out on even a remotely interesting or clever title. So, without any more of my muddled ado, here’re some photos from another walk I took around my yard. 🙂








Good Sunday….



22 thoughts on “Don’t You Hate It When….

  1. the flowers are undoubtedly gorgeous, but i especially love the one of the corrugated roof.
    thanks for liking my post about the life-span challenged butterfly.

  2. I never have that problem, usually because I always have a little story to tell to go along with my pictures. That makes it much easier to come up with a title.

    I did try posting just a picture with no text but always wanted to say something. Where I blogged from 2008 to January 2012, we called it “Wordless Wednesday,” “Silent Saturday,” and “Speechless Sunday.” I just can’t do a picture alone, regardless of how good it might be, because I still want to tell where the picture was taken, why I was there, why I liked the picture, etc.

    My title for your post here would be “Multiple Choice: Which picture is not of a flower?”

  3. HAHAHA I know, titles are hard, I find myself doing the same thing! HAHA! I want something clever and i end up sticking with something lame 😛 But these pictures are amazing. I love how close you got to these flowers

  4. Very Pretty Photographs and I generally can come up with a blog title but as far as naming things such as a song name, a website name or a photograph name..I can’t think of anything. Have a lovely day. God Bless = )

  5. What lovely flowers you have!! They are all photographed beautifully.

    Yes, I can relate to the brain freeze feeling when it’s time to choose the tile of a post. When that happens, I think back to the emotions I felt before and after I click the shutter button. That normally this is how my post titles are generated. Many of my photos are of things that trigger childhood memories or that emotion or thought at the time of capture. Thanks for sharing your photos from your walk.

    Happy Sunday!!

    • Thanks!

      Well, that’s so interesting! Usually I just type something spontaneous into that little bar up top….maybe I should think about giving my titles some more thought… 🙂


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