Appreciating the Small Things…

Walking through my yard yesterday, I tried to just sit in one spot with my camera, and take in the small things around me. After about thirty seconds, I got really bored, and moved to a different spot. I did that a few times, and though my concentration upon a single spot wasn’t exactly perfect, I did get the chance to see some things that really popped out at me as amazing.






Gravel can actually be quite beautiful, if you take the time to find some colorful pieces…




Have a good day, all!

29 thoughts on “Appreciating the Small Things…

  1. You got some great shots out of the ‘little’ things that so many of us over look. If we took the time to appreciate the ‘small’ stuff, most of us probably wouldn’t need so much ‘big’ stuff.

  2. I love the simplicity of the photos, and of all your photos for that matter. They are all so great, I especially love the one of the bolt with the rust and aged look. Its just great.

  3. When I first saw the photos in my email I really liked the bug one, but looking at them again now, I’m totally in love with the gravel photo. It’s so… fresh. If that makes sense.

  4. Great photos, and I love the simple idea of just sitting and taking everything in. My favourite is either the second one or the blue flower. Both are excellent (sorry, both are MORE excellent than the others:). ) I really admire your style of photography.
    Bye, E

  5. These are great! Whenever I start to feel like I’m rushing through my photos, I do this same thing. It really makes you slow down and pay attention to the details.


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