March 10: Bücher

So, I love books. Everything about books (if they’re good, that is…). I love the way books smell, and look, the way they make you feel. This applies mainly to older books, as the ones you get nowadays are just downloaded onto “devices” made of cheap plastic with a touch-screen…disgusting.

© 2013 Snapshooter

I love when the yellowed, rough-edged pages rustle, and how the sinewy old spines crackle and groan as you open a good book for the umpteenth time…

© 2013 Snapshooter

But most of all, I love what’s inside good books. There is no better escape on a rainy day (or a particularly hectic or stressful one) than an adventurous escapade into a fascinating and well-written book. That and a mug of home-made cocoa? I could just sit there forever, completely oblivious to all surroundings…melting into the pages of my book…

© 2013 Snapshooter

And yes, its more than just one photo, but whatever. 🙂

15 thoughts on “March 10: Bücher

  1. I love handling and whiffing the delicious scents of musty ole books. It’s just nice to handle a nice fat tome like War and Peace. And ohhhh yeah, rainy days are AWESOME!!
    Sie sprechen Deutsch? 🙂

  2. Auch ich liebe es, die Handhabung und die riecht wunderbar köstliche Duft der Blätter. Es ist einfach schön, eine schöne fette Wälzer wie Oliver Twist zu behandeln. Und ohhhh ja, regnerischen Tagen genial! 😀

    • Du kannst sprecht Deutsch! Das ist sehr gut…ich könnte spreche (mein schreibe ist besser) ein kleine…aber mein Grammatik ist sehr schlecht. Es tut mir leid! 🙂

      • Oh nicht bereuen. Ich habe nur gelernt, ein kleines Stückchen von Deutsch für Tour im letzten Sommer. Es hat Spaß gemacht. Ich möchte Deutsch lernen, diesmal wirklich. 🙂

  3. by the way i agree with all of this… and i love the smell… that might be my favorite. and they are simply beautiful to look at. i used to have a bunch in languages that i couldn’t even read because they were pretty… it was out of control! i had to whittle it down 🙂

  4. I like the composition of the last one.

    Also, the perspective of the first one makes me feel like the books are all going to fall over – so fun 😛


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