Join Me, Won’t You?

Hey there. 🙂


I’ve come up with the brilliant and completely unique idea (satire very much intended) of posting a photo-a-day until the end of March. Whadya’ think about that? So…hopefully I can stick to it. After all, it would be pretty lame if I couldn’t do it for just one month. I mean, can you say “lack of resolve”? Of course you can, unless you can’t speak English (so you couldn’t read the rest of this anyways…oh, well, never mind…) Whatever. 🙂


Without further ado, my first photo of March!



9 thoughts on “Join Me, Won’t You?

  1. A door nob..Is that the one I ran into this morning? O.o

    I’m looking forward to your photo a day! You’re photography is always so interesting.


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