I was going to save this for a rainy day…

But the sky was so awesome, that I thought I’d post before it started pouring. And while I was out there, it began to clear. At first I was like, “dang!” but as the clouds continued to disperse, I realized that there were making for a pretty sweet photo-op. A few minutes later a flock of birds landed on our ginormous sycamore across the creek. The noise they were making just demanded a little attention so I got a picture of them, too.



Very up-close and personal picture, this. For a bird, I mean. 😛






On the way back inside, one-third of our feline population came out to greet me. He looks a tad indignant, eh? This is Aaron, by the way. He’s Timbo’s little brother. That goes for age, and weight. 🙂


Happy Sunday, people.


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